Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms

In response to requests from a number of Cape Medical Response members, CMR offer a medical alarm option that is designed to provide members (and/or their loved ones) with the peace of mind of being able to contact CMR for any emergency medical assistance at any time at the push of a button!

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A world-class telephone-based medical alarm system that allows you to:

  • Activate the alarm from anywhere in your home or property (up to 200m)
  • Communicate “hands free” via the unit (both talk and listen)
  • Pre-program 3 telephone numbers into the unit (which are activated by pushing the red, yellow or blue buttons).

Enjoy Enhanced Independent Living!

This attractive, easy-to-use product is proven by over 3 million users in Europe, and will provide you with the easiest access to emergency assistance – even if you are immobile. Perfect for senior citizens; the infirm; and those who live alone or with small children.

The TeleCare unit can be purchased outright (including full installation), or rented. A monthly monitoring fee is payable in addition to CMR membership.


Key Safes

Access to a home is usually difficult or impossible for those arriving to provide medical assistance when the person within the house is alone and/or unable to let in the paramedic/s.

For this reason, an exterior key safe is a vital addition to any well designed emergency/medical system.

This small and extremely robust key safe can be quickly and easily installed on an outside wall, and it’s large enough to hold a set of house keys. For security reasons, the combination lock can be quickly changed whenever you desire.

For any more info please contact CMR’s offices at 106 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek. Tel: 021 782-0606, Fax: 021 782-0707, or email: